Three-Part No-Bake System: Linseed Oil Base three part No-Bake System, Used as a Binder for getting high strength, good collapsibility and very high scratch hardness of the molds and cores. It is the most popular and robust sand binding system and most economical, flexible to atmospheric and sand variations. There are different resin systems for sand bonding in general foundry usage. Presently most popular Resin Bonded systems are: Shelf life is 12 months.

Two-Part Phenolic No-Bake System: It is a system with Phonic Resin as a binder and Acid as a catalyst. It is temperature, Humid and Sand Sensitive. It is recommended for only continuous mixers. This system is not recommended for Batch mixers and manual mixing. In this system sand can be reclaimed and reused. Shelf life is 4 weeks.

Two-Part Furan No-Bake system: This is also acid Cured two part No-Bake system with zero Nitrogen. It is also recommended for continuous mixers. This sand system can be reclaimed. Now this system is becoming more popular and it is also robust and more flexible system. Shelf life 6months.

Cold Box No-Bake System: This is Three Part Amine gas cured system. It is used for mass production and high quality standards and close dimensional accuracies. It is one of the costly systems. Sand can not be reclaimed. Shelf life is 6months.

Phenolic Formaldehyde Two - Part System: It is cured with powder catalyst when it is mixed with hot cured resin mixed sand. It is used to make resin coated sand. Shelf life is 6months.
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